The Oura Ring Wearable Device

Back in April, I pre-ordered a 2nd generation Oura Ring.  My deviced finally arrived in the middle of November and I have been wearing it daily ever since.  It is helping me gauge factors related to sleep quality and the information being provided is incredibly fascinating.

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Like Best, Next Time – The Quote Of The Day Show

The Quote Of The Day Show podcast offers daily excerpts from motivational speakers.  I recently listened to episode 453 which features a 12 minute listen from Pamela Jett.  She describes her Like Best, Next Time approach to assessing situations in the workplace.  I believe that this approach would be very useful as a guide to reflect upon my day.  What did I like best?  What will I do differently tomorrow?  The practice of speaking positively to myself when I miss the mark helps me stay optimistic and engaged.  Speaking to myself positively when I get thing right helps me get things “mo’ righter” tomorrow; keeps me moving forward.  Level up!

“Accept All Compliments with a Thank You”

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Observations 2.9 – Journaling

In February 2017 the book The Obstacle Is The Way came into my life and is a personal favorite.  I have re-read this book and often listen the audio version when driving. The Daily Stoic Journal: 366 Days of Writing and Reflection on The Art of Living was published in November 2017 and I was all in. I thought I was all in.  It turns out that I was minimally engaged with using this journal.  I am grateful for the opportunity to put this journal to use now in 2019.

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Currently Crushing On: Light Roast Coffee Beans

I will drink just about any coffee and am not a coffee snob by any means.  Even the family favorite of Folger’s instant can go down with cream and sweetener. Over the years, I have experimented with different brands of ground coffee, whole bean coffe and brewing methods.  I received a French press as a Christmas gift several years ago and that method became my favorite.  I got back on the experimentation train this year and I may have found my optimal java experience – a smooth tasting, non-bitter home brew. From my reading on the topic of making a great cup of coffee, I understand that water quality is important.  I have that covered with my Berkey water filter.

I splurged and purchased a Capresso burr grinder and began the journey to find a reasonably price bean.  I started with a few of the whole bean coffees from Costco because, you know, who does not love a deal.  Not quite hitting the mark with the Costco offerings,  I did more reading and looked for a light roast bean.  Bingo!  So far, I have tried several brands, even splurging once on a small, expensive bag of a locally roasted beans.  Subtle Earth is my current favorite and has the bonus of being an organic and available at Amazon.  Caribu light roast comes in second.

My morning coffee is now a quick routine of boiling water, quick grind and short brew.  Heck, I have even entered “drink coffee black with no sweetener” training.  Cool beans!

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Observations 2.8 – Decisions

A tremendous number of decisions are made and executed by us every day.  Regardless of the level of consciousness associated with said decisions, we none the less own those decisions and their outcomes.  Doing what is easy or what may be our habit does not absolve ownership.  Choosing not to do something is an also decision and we own the outcomes of that inaction as well.

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Building A Foundation

The blog for Virta Health recently published an excellent article of The Ten Defining Characteristics of a Well-Formulated Ketogenic Diet.  It definitely worth the read.  I have a few to add to this foundation.

Clarity and understanding of YOUR goals.  I firmly believe that individuals needs some level of understanding of the human body and the resulting impact our dietary choices.  If science is not your thing, you are not off the hook.  Take the time and make the effort to find reputable, simplified explanations in a book, blog post or podcast.  The aforementioned Virta article is a great resource if you follow a ketogenic dietary lifestyle.

Commit to consistency.  Your chosen dietary lifestyle, ketogenic or not, will require that you make a commitment to being consistent.  Practice, practice, practice making the choices that support your goals.

Cooking as a tool.  The value in practicing your kitchen prowess is hard to measure.  I find that it is a privilege to be able to actively choose what I am eating and to learn about and have awareness of ingredients.  Processed, packaged foods contain a myriad of unknowns. Conventional whole foods beat processed food every day.

Identifying an anchor.  An anchor is something that you can commit to doing every single day that will keep your goals in the forefront of your mind; a reminder of why you need to do what you do.  Your anchor could be whatever you choose as long as it is meaningful to YOU in the sense that it is that thing that would help you right the boat, help you prevent or end drifting from your goals. An anchor may be an affirmation or mantra, a specific question or set of questions to ask yourself, journaling, or posting picture quotes on Instagram (wink).

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Observations Round 2.3 – Inside Job

I am applying for a passport ID card to have as an alternate form of ID.  I grabbed my old passport book by mistake and I found an extra copy of my passport photo taken when I renewed my passport book in 2014.  The timing of this find is good.  Why?  It became clear to me that despite my current challenges on my journey, the progress I have made is unmistakable.  The reminder is a good one.  The reminder is a needed one.  Having to put down my current pair of jeans is also a reminder.

The reminder is I need to be more deliberate.  Embracing my struggle, dealing with my drift, I came across the following meme that is right on time:

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