Observations Round 1: First impressions

The only thing better than embarking in a new lifestyle is to write about it after 2 weeks!

I have been profoundly inspired by Dr. Fung and have been voraciously reading his blog Intensive Dietary Management, reading The Obesity Code, and discovering information on the Internet about fasting and related topics. I was motivated to start this blog in order to create an organized repository for information, to record my thoughts and experiences, and to easily share with others.

At this time I am not going into too much detail about my fasting interval. This is where the homework comes in for anyone reading this.  Do some reading (I recommend The Obesity Code by Dr. Jason Fung) and decide how you want to start.  There are many plans out there.  I feel comfortable doing my own thing; doing what feels right for me.

I started my first fast on May 4, 2016 and it lasted 24 hours. Right away, I was able to discern the difference between a growling stomach, hunger pangs and hunger.  As I had read, the pangs came in waves and subsided most of the time with drinking coffee, water or broth.  I didn’t have headaches or a healing reaction.  I felt some mild nausea after one break fast meal but it was likely due to the meal content.  At first I reallllllly looked forward to the break fast meal.  Eventually, my appetite vanished.

I was so eager to start that I used the store bought broth I had on hand instead of homemade.  I took out a loan (just kidding) and bought a 50 pound box of marrow bones a few days later.  The stares from the staff at the grocery store were free.  I have a lot of practice making bone broth and figured why not cut to the chase and go BIG.  I put one portion in the pressure cooker and the rest I divided up in freezer bags. Check out Cooking with Bones under I Still Cook.

After my very first break fast meal I started farting.  A lot.  Honestly I thought it was funny because I am not a farter.  The flatulence happened after that one meal and lasted a couple hours.  After my next several break fast meals I became burpy (instead of farty).  Generally I am not a burpy girl either and I was able to force burps to release the air.  Again this symptom lasted a couple of hours. As far as I can tell these “air exchanges” are gone but I will be on the lookout.

I also felt like I was retaining water for the first 3 or 4 days.  I was consuming a lot of fluids and I didn’t feel my urination matched what I was taking in.  This corrected on its own after several days.

Since I have already talked about farting, burping and urinating, may as well over share a tad bit more.  My normal stool isn’t really odoriferous. I am not saying they are reminiscent of roses but all wallpaper stays affixed to the wall.  On day 7 I passed stool that was preeeeety smelly.  I had added Garlic Red Pepper Miso (a.k.a. miso crack) to my broth for the first time the day before.  I don’t know if that was helping to clean me out or what but thankfully I was at home for this special moment.

I am experiencing a noticeable increase in energy which translated into actually wanting to do stuff. By stuff I mean cleaning and organizing my house. The kitchen has been a big beneficiary of this change.  I like to cook and my way to stay inspired on LCHF is to search for and experiment with recipes.  Guess what? You don’t need to cook nearly as much when you fast. I put the Kitchen Aid Mixer and the Cuisinart food processor away on their perspective shelves (since I now have the energy to drag them out when I need them), put up the baking pans and sequestered the artificial sweeteners.  Surfaces darling!  This blog will partially replace my recipe habit.  Honestly, I have been kind of obsessive about learning how to navigate and edit on WordPress. I attribute this to feeling more alert mentally.

One adverse symptom has been insomnia.  I have had several nights of 4 hours sleep.  I find that when I break a fast with dinner I sleep better.  I tried very low dose melatonin (o.5 mg) once and it didn’t help.  I also tried taking magnesium citrate capsules which didn’t seem to help either.  Going forward I will implement no java after 1PM and try drinking chamomile tea in the afternoon and evening.  The odd thing is that during the day following a poor night’s sleep I would be yawning but not feel tired unlike before.

No reports on weight loss or body fat because my Fitbit Aria scale broke on day 2. I feel like I have lost some weight and would be shocked if I haven’t.  I have a fancy new scale on the way! It is likely good that the darn scale broke.  I like to weigh every day but with not being able to, I was able to zero in on the real reason I am on this path – reduce insulin resistance.

For some reason fasting is coming to me more easily than I thought.  After some reading, I think this may be due to being highly motivated in addition to having followed a serious LCHF (low carb high fat) lifestyle for the previous 10 months.

My most recent rededication to LCHF was about 10 months ago.  I was going strong too, though not losing ANY weight.  I got though Thanksgiving on plan.  I fell off plan over Christmas and it took 2 months to get my head back on straight.

Mind you, I am no saint.  Over the years, I have had times where I totally abandoned LCHF for periods of time.  Snickers Bars and all.  I have recommitted to LCHF many times.   Even when I was scarfing pizza AND the crust, My LCHF angel on my shoulder whispering “girl, you KNOW that is not good for you” but somehow I rationalized and kept on eating until I reached a point where I heeded the shrill shouts from my silent angel.

Full speed ahead!

More to come.