Tanita Body Composition Scale

Previously, I owned a Fitbit Aria scale. It stopped working after I attempting to pair it with a new router.  While it was fun going back and forth with Fitbit customer service via email, they have lost a customer.  A search on the Internet revealed that this is a common issue, but my scale was outside of the warranty period, so needless to say the “too bad, so sad, nothing we can do” email from Fitbit ended our relationship.

I decided to go big and bought a Tanita RD-901 Ironman Bluetooth Radio Wireless Body Composition Scale.   It is more expensive than the Aria but has a lot more features.  I am not even close to being an athlete (Ironwoman? Uh, nope) and it still manages to measure my stats.

The point of all of this data is to be able to measure trends/changes over time. I am not submitting this information to a scientific journal or anything and it’s FUN!  Tanita Academy discusses BIA technology if you are interested in learning more about how the scale works.  For me, this scale is more than adequate for weighing and measuring trends as well as raising my awareness about my body beyond weight.

The Tanita website reads  “The RD-901 also incorporates the very latest Dual Frequency bioelectric impedance analysis technology. It uses BIA (Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis) technology, which sends a safe, low-level electrical signal from foot electrodes through the body.  A body composition analysis using the RD-901 will help assess the effectiveness of any weight loss or physical activity program.”   Their product manual has details on what all of these readings mean.  It measures:

  • Weight
  • Body fat %
  • Body water %
  • Muscle mass
  • Physique rating
  • Basal Metabolic Rate
  • Metabolic age
  • Bone mass
  • Visceral fat
  • BMI

When I ordered the RD-901 from Competitive Edge the scale was $100 dollars off and also included a free Tanita AM-160 Bluetooth Activity Monitor which also syncs with the app.  I admit that initially I experienced user error by downloading the wrong Tanita iPhone app! Guess what? Using the right app (Healthy Edge Mobile) makes a huge difference and the scale was easy to set up. Now that the technical piece worked out (smile) I think the scale is pretty cool.

I’m worth it. Totally!