Hunger During Fasting – A Good Sign?

I have read that as our glycogen stores are depleted we get hungry and want to eat. We also know that being in ketosis bunts appetite. The way I see it, because I am following a LCHF/Ketogenic dietary lifestyle:

  • When I begin a fasting interval, I begin to burn glycogen earlier than if I consumed moderate-high carbohydrates/proteins
  • I experience hunger as glycogen is being depleted and I am switching into fat burning mode
  • I wonder if I would feel more intense hunger for longer periods of time if I ate more carbs/protein prior to a fasting interval (I won’t be finding out, lol)
  • Glycogen is stored in our liver and our muscles. Adding exercise would enhance glycogen depletion. But I may experience greater fluctuations in weight when alternating between feasting/fasting
    • Currently my weight may fluctuate 1-2 pounds after breaking a fast.
    • There have been times when my weight decreased after breaking a fast
  • Longer fasting intervals plus ketosis do a double whammy on appetite/hunger suppression

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