“Just Cancelled Weight Watchers!!!”

“Just Cancelled Weight Watchers!!!” was the subject of an email I sent March 7, 2014.

To the credit of my employer, at one time Weight Watchers worksite meetings were offered at a discount as a Wellness benefit. I mean, it couldn’t get much more convenient than walking to the break room for a weekly weigh-in and short meeting.  Not to mention the added benefit of having the support of friends and known acquaintances right there in the building with you.  Honestly, I only joined Weight Watchers due to the encouragement of 2 friends at work.  Interestingly, I penned this in a thank you email to them May 15, 2013:

I am learning to appreciate the support of others. I am thankful for that support! It amazes me all the time how small actions can end up making a big impact on the lives of others. Often, we do not have the opportunity to observe the positive influence of our interactions with people.  We are fortunate to be able to see and continue to learn together. But I do have a hard head and want to “do it myself” so much; that is probably the result of having been disappointed by people in the past.  I can learn to soften my skull in places when needed, lol, but I want to find self-motivation too because in the long run we are making these changes for ourselves.

Initially, I tried to follow a low carb diet on Weight Watchers. I partially abandoned low carb else I would only have only have been afforded the points equivalent of 2 tablespoons of butter daily (slight exaggeration).  I ate lower carb but not LCHF/Ketogenic.  I was never in ketosis on Weight Watchers but I did consume lower carb than typical.

I lost about 30 pounds which is good (My conservative goal was 100 pounds). We started around September 2012, which is 30 pounds lost in 1 year and 6 months.  Oh, thank you.  I can hear your applause for my sticking with the painfully slow progress for that length of time. I also got started with Yoga via private classes in January of 2013.  Perhaps my new found Zen state helped me deal with the fat needing to be removed with a chisel.

I would have quit earlier had I not had the support of friends. But subsequently, as a location, we were unable to sustain the minimum number of attendees. Without a minimum of FOUR, our meeting location was cancelled.  I switched to a Saturday morning meeting near my home but I only attended a few times, eventually cancelling my membership.

Eventually I regained 20 of the 30 pounds I originally lost.

Everything is fuzzy after that. Surely a carb fog.