An over share….and some science

“An over share….and some science” was the subject of an email I wrote September 3, 2o13.

But over sharing is one of my best features (smile).

On this journey to obtaining and maintaining better health and increased fitness we look for signs other than scale weight as an indicator of progress.  Our clothing fitting better or even dropping a size.  Walking from point A to point B used to seem so far and now seems not far enough.  The choice to skip the chips, candy or dessert becomes easier and does not feel like deprivation.

Here is my over share.

Being on this journey for a long time I have been able to make some observations about my body.  Specifically, my menstrual cycle.  I have been using an iPhone app for years to track my cycle.  When I carry more weight, the length of the cycle is more that 28 days. I always thought that was a made up number, or an estimate, as mine was normally not 28 days. I think the longest was almost every 50 or 60 days.  I remember the first time it was exactly 28 days….and the next month….and the next….hmm, I guess that number wasn’t made up.  I had lost a lot of weight….around where I am now.  Well, my cycle is back to 28 days. Good, but not quite a yeah moment.

Here is why this is important.

One, it shows that our bodies can heal. We are not doomed with the conditions or degeneration that we may be experiencing.  I am not saying we can escape age related degeneration.  I am saying that we be better than we are now.  We CAN improve and heal our bodies.  It has taken a year for my cycle to normalize.  What else may improve/heal/be reversed in another year? Would you be able to cut the dose of a medication in half, or stop taking it all together?  Would your knees only ache every other day or stop aching all together? Will the waffle thighs go from Belgium to Eggo?

Two, it illustrates the fact that fat cells are not inert globs of cells to be despised.  They are metabolically active cells and do impact our hormonal regulation and metabolism in ways other than making the number on the scale higher. Fat cells do more that make us fat. Knowledge is power!