Define Your Motivation

As I continue to delve into the subject of fasting I see a HUGE amount of information floating around. You need an equally huge filter to be able to sift through what is meaningful to your situation, your path. The antidote for confusion is knowledge (there she goes with that homework thing again).

Yes, of course, we ALL want to lose “weight”.  Will a desire to lose weight be enough to sustain you?  Is that your only end game? To weigh less?  Have you read enough to understand why one bounce on the scale should not have you abandon your efforts? Will reading narratives of the success others inspire you or demoralize you? What if it takes a year? Two years?

Writing about what motivates me helps keep me motivated. My objectives are increased wellness; reversing my insulin resistance and taking steps to lessen the degenerative diseases associated with aging.  I am not a fool.  Of course I want to loose weight and maintain a healthy weight. However, the benefits of increased wellness are likely realized before reaching  a magic pant size or looking good in that dress.

Also, I have written about some of my experiences being a patient which makes NOT becoming a patient is another huge motivator.  Even if does one does become a patient, better health increases resilience.

One of the things about fasting that I find valuable is appetite suppression.  I understand that being in ketosis suppresses the appetite and reducing carbohydrates/LCHF decreases cravings.  The combination of LCHF + ketosis + fasting is seemingly making my appetite vanish at times.  I find that sometimes it can be a challenge to eat as much as I plan during a non-fasting interval.  Sometimes (smile).  Learning that I can do this and that it is becoming easier the more I do it is another motivator.

More to come.