Observations Round 3 – Three months of intermittent fasting

This is my 3rd month (and 10 days) update on my journey.  Since May 4th, I have lost 33 pounds.  Not too shabby!  Did I mention I managed to lose during my vacation? Did I mention that I had two “vacations” (one long weekend, one 2-week break) and a work related upgrade/implementation (that included covering overnight) over the past month?  Just sayin’, lol, my schedule was a tad bit erratic compared to normal.

A notable first, I LOST weight during my vacation.  My goal was to maintain so I am quite pleased with my progress.  I am still using the Fasting Secret iPhone app to track fasting intervals and the splurge on the Tanita scale has proved to be well worth the money.

I also added a blood ketone meter to my quantitative arsenal.  I am using the Precision Xtra by Abbott as it measures lower levels of blood ketones more accurately.  I made this investment for the following reasons:

  1. The ability to correlate my perceived symptoms of ketosis (mainly dragon breath) with real ketosis
  2.  The ability monitor if I was in or out of ketosis during my vacation (where I knew that I would consume more food prepared by others/restaurants).

This meter accommodates blood ketone testing strips and blood sugar testing strips.  The blood ketone strips are EXPENSIVE.  The monitor I purchased came with 10 blood ketone strips and I will purchase additional strips from Ebay where they are less expensive that retail.  It is interesting to be able to quantify being in ketosis.  I definitely have a good idea of when I am in deep ketosis using the combined indicators of appetite suppression and dragon breath.  I was pleasantly surprised twice by readings where I was still in ketosis during my longer vacation.

Since my last Observations update, I am been spending a lot of time listening to podcasts, watching videos at the Diet Doctor and on YouTube, reading a new book  and enjoying several Facebook support groups.  I am excited and fully immersed!

More to come…..