I have made a commitment to living a ketogenic lifestyle.  I have achieved nutritional ketosis.  I am a fat burner with intermittent dragon breath. Now is a good time to talk about the frame of mind I have develop to avoid cheating.

I do not think of eating carbohydrates as a reward. Carbohydrates raise blood sugar, increase insulin secretion, trigger cravings, and interfere with being keto adapted. Seems like more of a punishment than a reward.

I do not think of not eating donuts, cookies, potatoes, pasta or popcorn as deprivation.  Okay, maybe popcorn…..but I digress.  I choose to see those types of foods as harmful to my goals, my physical health and my mental health.

Cheating is risky behavior. Planned or unplanned, cheating is taking the risk of making unplanned cheating easier in the future. Post-cheating guilt risks negative self talk that may derail your lifestyle, taking you steps backwards rather than forward.

Does cheating, planned or unplanned, get me closer to my goals? No. I reacently came across the statement “do hard things by choice”.  Cheating is easy; it is returning to old and comfortable habits.  Developing a new lifestyle and staying dedicated to it is hard. Do hard things. Choose to do hard things. Hard things become easy. Obtain and maintain!

Ultimately, carbohydrates in excess are a slow method of poisoning.  That statement may seem extreme in light of the nutritional dogma that is currently accepted, however, taking some time to delve into the lack of science behind the pervasive low fat recommendations and the emerging science behind a ketogenic lifestyle, you may understand that the statement is conveying urgency rather than extremism.

The “What The Hell Effect”

Cheating and consequences

More to come….