Finding Your Why

Working from the inside out, I have been working on defining my “why”. I am good at the scientific and quantitative aspects of a ketogenic lifestyle and intermittent fasting and how it impacts weight loss.  For long term success and behavior changes (READ maintenance) it is important to identify why I am doing this.

One of the first steps in Stephanie Dodier’s 30-Day Keto Challenge is to write down why you want to lose weight. Initially, I came up with 10 why’s. As I thought about what would go into this post, I decided not to post all of them.  I realized that it is import to be able to create a priority for myself of why I am on this journey.  I realized I was thinking about multiple why’s at the same time: the scale, my knees, old pictures of myself, inspecting my stomach rolls, old clothes, new clothes (smile)….all floating around in my head at the same time.  I realized that I needed to focus on my top why, and really, the others would inherently fall into place.

I did change my mind and I am going to proceed with posting all of them (smile). They are not in order of importance…..except for number 1.  From all I have read over the past several months, when I am able to achieve normal blood sugar/glucose tolerance, the remaining why’s will fall into place.  By making dietary adjustments, experimenting with fasting intervals and slowly introducing exercise and I am seeing a positive impact on blood sugar/glucose tolerance.  Yay!  Go number 1! The “side-affect” of progress with number 1 is making progress with number 2 through 9.  Go figure!!

Tada! Here are my why’s, in the order that I originally wrote them.  Number 1 was a little further down the list at first but it is in the right position now.  I could probably think of other reasons for obtaining and maintaining but no matter how many why’s I come up with, for me, they would all be rooted in obtaining and maintaining number 1.

ObtainandMaintain List of Why’s

  • Normalize blood sugars/glucose tolerance
  • Lose weight
  • Loose body fat
  • Decrease inflammation
  • Have photographs of me where I am NOT fat (and look good sitting down)
  • Parents can see me at a normal weight as an adult
  • Decrease the impact of degenerative/age-related diseases
  • Avoid doctors unless absolutely necessary
  • Look better/be healthier Inspire and teach others how to be better/healthier
  • Heal my body physically and mentally
  • Think about your why’s. Take action on you why’s.

More to come….

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