Number 8 Got Me

Just like NSV’s (non-scale victories), the importance of knowing what motivates you beyond the scale is integral to sustaining a lifestyle change. I was reading a blog post and question number 8 reached up off of the page and smacked me:

“Why do I like food more than my own health (self)?”

This is from 8 Powerful Questions For Your Life Transformation. In the context of motivation, I would like to ask myself this question every day, even as I am in the process of reflecting and sorting out my answer. Perhaps the chocolate would have relocated sooner (smile).

I have learned about the biological impact of insulin and carbohydrates on our hunger and appetite. I believe biology would only receive partial credit as the answer.  The rest of the answer goes beyond biology and bad habits.  The rest of the answer is deeper and emotional.

Think about it. Why do we choose a diet, a path, a lifestyle, go on to experience success, then proceed to make choices contrary to that very lifestyle? How many of those contrary choices does it take to lead to demotivation, abandonment, falling back on old ways and regaining all the weight you lost (plus extra)? What gives us a sense of temporary motivation?  Why does that motivation fade? How is real, sustaining motivation created?

I have raised my awareness of the fact that I want to lose weight and maintain that loss and am developing an ongoing plan to do the work that it will take to accomplish this. I understand for me, full immersion works best. No guard down.  No time to relax.  Fortify on a daily basis.  I have NOT taken these steps many times aaaaaaaaaaaaand I did not like the outcome.

Here are all 8 questions:

1.Where do I want to be in five years?

2.How do I want to feel on the inside in 5 years time? Where will I be emotionally, physically and spiritually?

3.What bad habits do I need to stop? What do I need to take responsibility for?

4.What mistake have I made? What would I do differently?

5.What story have I told myself? What conditioning did I received?

6.If no one judged me, who will I be?

7.Who would you be if you weren’t concerned with pleasing and caring for others?

8.Why do I like food more than my own health (self)?

Working on my Number 8.

More to come….