Observations Round 4 – The Tenth Place and NSV’s

My scale measures out to the 10th decimal place.  With that said, scale progress over the last month is equivalent to a whopping 0.2 pounds.  Since I weigh every day, I knew this outcome was on the horizon.  I have been thinking about it and figure several things contributed to my plateau.


I previously wrote that I was ready to add exercise to my lifestyle. I went as far as dusting off the bike and going for a short ride.  My body thanked me with knee pain for several days.  Rather than shifting focus to learning about and doing more body weight exercises, I chose to, in a nutshell, be lazy.  I did not translate knowing into doing with regard to exercise and this must change.  The few standing pushups I accomplished shall not be enough.

Dark Chocolate

To be specific, Askinosie 70% San Jose Del Tambo, Ecuador Dark Chocolate Bar. More than once, I found myself consuming half a bar in one day.  Then the other half in the same day.  This is really not recommended behavior.  I discovered this brand several years ago and it is a treat to have this chocolate bar.  It tastes like there is wine infused in it or something.  Anyway, this is my favorite dark chocolate with the Endangered Species 72% Bat Bar being a close second.  It must be the nibs.  Nibs wrapped in dark chocolate.  Nibs, wrapped in dark chocolate, melting on my tongue….but I digress.  All chocolate has been relocated out of the house and into the garage freezer.

Fasting Interval

Even though my blood ketones remained measureable (lowest was 0.6) I did not have the same appetite suppression as I have previously experienced. This should not be confused with hunger. My appetite (read impulse to eat) was stronger; I was not hungrier.  I reflected upon this for several days, right after the chocolate was relocated.  I aimed for greater than 24 hours fasts several times and ended up breaking fast around dinner time.

One theory I have as to why I was eating more is that the carbohydrates from sugars in the chocolate bar awakened the carbohydrate fiend pathways in my brain. Half of a bar of the Askinosie 70% contains 10 grams of sugar.  When rationalizing, consuming the whole bar would yield 20 grams of sugar which is still low carbohydrate.  What is not accounted for is what is happening physiologically, and ultimately mentally, by consuming 10 – 20 grams of sugar.

Another theory I have is related to old fat cells. Using the non-scientific “last fat cell in first fat cell out” theory, my body’s newest fat cells have been deflated.  At my current weight, I am digging into well-established fat cells that may be resisting eviction!  These fat cells have been on this frame a LONG TIME may not go quietly.  So be it.  I am up for the challenge.  They SHALL GO!


I am pretty sure a loss 0.2 pounds would not be considered a significant digit calculation in the world of mathematics (smile), but the past month has been pretty significant for me in ways other than the scale! My NSV’s (non-scale victories) have been: 1) my current slacks are looser 2) I accomplished landscaping yard work that I had considered hiring someone to do 3) I re-confirmed that sugar I and need not be in a relationship 4) I went closet shopping and reclaimed some items that now fit. 5) I went lingerie drawer shopping and reclaimed a bra that now fits.

Bottom line

Listen to your body. Yes.  Tell your body to shut up sometimes.  Yes.

More to come….

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