Maintenance vs Fat Loss – Fat vs Protein

I have come across a very interesting perspective on appropriate ketogenic macros which seems very logical to me. In nutritional ketosis, when your primary source of fuel is fat, it makes sense to count a percentage of YOUR stored body fat as part of your fat macros IF you want to lose weight.


The above infographic is by Dr. Ted Naiman.  His website Burn Fat Not Sugar  is easy to read and understand.  He give a lot of information on the WHY behind a diet that supports nutritional ketosis.  He also has a Facebook group Burn Fat Not Sugar. Podcasts are also a great tool for understanding his perspective; here are two I have heard:

Dr. Ted Naiman – 2016 Low-Carb Cruise Lecture

Dr. Ted Naiman Shares His Two-Ingredient Secret To Optimum Health

The Facebook group Optimal Ketogenic Living has also been a tremendous source of information. This group has a number of rather smart people that provide copious amounts of information and analysis of ketosis and a ketogenic diet.  Some of the posts are pretty nerdy but do not let that be intimidating.  You will learn and perhaps develop questions pertinent to your own personal journey.  I adjusted my macros based on what I have read and learned and am looking forward to see the impact.



More to come….