The Diet Doctor Membership – Yes!

The Diet Doctor website has a lot of free content. They also offer additional content through membership. I signed up for the 30 day trial and the cost is $9 dollars a month after that. The membership includes video courses, movies, interviews, presentations and Q&A. The videos are professionally produced and the audio is great. I signed up because I wanted to see Dr. Fung’s video “The Power of a 7-Day Fast”.

I have been signed up for a few months and have been explore the plethora of information and videos available through membership. I really like the fact that the videos have transcripts posted. And I watched Dr. Jim McCarter’s presentation on a year of self-tracking in nutritional ketosis and was delighted to find that the video included clear images of the slides being referenced during the talk

The presentation by with Dr. Ted Naiman on insulin resistance seriously hit a nerve with me! If I ever feel like I am loosing focus or motivation I will watch THIS video. The information he presents is COMPELLING.

I have watched several movies which were very good:  Cereal Killers, Run on Fat: Cereal Killer 2 and My Big Fat Diet.

I think 9 dollars a month is a small price to pay to support to support their mission:

“Our mission is to make low carb simple, but what does that mean? More specifically, what would it mean to you? Diet Doctor needs your help.

The reason Diet Doctor exists is to empower people everywhere to revolutionize their health. Our first mission on this journey is to make low carb simple.

This mission guides everything we do: what products we make, who we hire, how we spend money, and what we decide to do – this month, this week and today. How we define our mission is therefore massively important.”

More to come….


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