Motivation ONE: Get Clear On What You Want

ONE: Get Clear On What You Want (From Elizabeth Benton at Primal Potential)

“Motivation comes from the word “motive” or “reason for action”. I think we all know & understand that simply having a reason to act often isn’t enough to get us up & taking action, but, it’s a critical starting point. To get clear on what you want, I’d like you to take a few minutes to write down the answers to these questions. Don’t do it in your head. It needs to be on paper, on purpose. 

 What single goal do I want to achieve? Be as specific as possible. If your goal is weight loss, get really clear on how much weight you want to lose & in what time frame.”

The single goal that I want to achieve reversal of insulin resistance, which is measureable by self-monitoring of waking, post-meal and random blood glucose. This is also measureable via targeted and periodic clinical lab draws.

 “Why is this goal important to me? I want you to focus here on what you stand to gain if you achieve your goal. Saying you want to lose weight because you hate your body is a terrible motivator, and anyone who has failed on a diet understands that this is not an effective strategy. How will life be different when you achieve this goal?”

 This goal is important to me because I believe that achieving this goal will in and of itself result in the achievement of decreased body fat, weight loss and increased overall health and wellness. Life will be different when I achieve this goal because I will have overcome a virtual lifetime struggle with my weight and significantly enhance my well-being as I age rather than succumb to many age-related degenerative conditions.

 “What do I need to know (that I don’t know already) to achieve this goal? Are there information gaps you can fill? Are there resources you need to find or coaches you need to work with? Or do you have all the information you need? Get clear on what answers you absolutely require before you can achieve your goal. If you have unanswered questions, also establish who you can reach out to to get the answers.”

I have gone full information immersion since discovering  Intensive Dietary Management. I continue to seek related scientific and anecdotal information on a daily basis.  I realize that touching this subject matter, in one way or another, is what I need long term and I embrace making this information lifestyle change to compliment my dietary lifestyle change.  I want to learn how to be my own coach!

“Who has achieved this goal before? I don’t suggest following someone else’s steps (though sometimes that can work), but I want you to be clear on this so that you believe & reinforce that achieving your goal is possible. If someone else has done it, it is possible for you to do it. Now we just need to start taking small steps in that direction.”

Who has achieved this goal before? None of my close friends who have weight issues have achieved their goals and maintained them. My goal is to be THAT person, to show others that it is possible to achieve and sustain, that is, OBTAIN and MAINTAIN!!

More to come….