Motivation TWO: Name Your Obstacles

Two: Name Your Obstacles (From Elizabeth Benton at Primal Potential)

“We don’t need to pretend that life is all sunshine & rainbows. If you’re feeling unmotivated, you need to get really clear on the forces that hold you back. You can’t overcome them if you aren’t sure what they are or how they impact you.

 The most common obstacle I see is negativity. You cannot continue to tell yourself, “I can’t….” or “I never…” and expect to make progress.

 You will not exceed your own expectations. You cannot exceed your own belief so don’t expect to change until your current level of belief does.”

 Agreed. I am really beginning to realize the profound truth of the impact positive thoughts and positive self-talk.  Literally. I will begin talking to myself.

I like to think of myself as a positive thinker, and though have come a long way there is room for improvement.  I am not a fan of self-deprecation and I do not practice it, however I also do not need to deliver a public service announcement about my fabulosity every 30 minutes. I need to have positive affirmations actively being played inside my head; and those positive affirmations and challenge statements need to be played frequently.

I love quote graphics. I like them to be concise, in an easy to read font and without an overbearing or distracting background.  Elizabeth suggested putting them on index cards and creating several sets for your purse, desk, car, ect.  I will get this done this weekend.  I have some of my all-time favorites on my Quotes page and More Quotes page.  Here are two new ones:


More to come….