Observations Round 5 – All In, All The Way, All The Time

This journey started 153 days ago which is about 21 weeks or 5 months in every day terminology. Okay.  I may have a numbers problem, but Mr. Google makes this kind of breakdown so easy.  Since September 4th

I am 2.8 pounds down over the last month. From my journey’s start, 36 pounds down.  I give myself a high five!  When I reach my first scale goal milestone, which will happen in 2017, I plan to give an overview of how much I have lost since my highest known weight.  I get giddy at the thought because I feel fan-freaking-tastic!

More importantly, my insulin resistance is improving.  Improving insulin resistance is my number 1 goal.  Don’t let the lead paragraph about scale weight fool you.  For quantification, this numbers gal donated blood at Quest Labs and will post and update when those numbers are available.

I mainly fasted intermittently with one to two meals a day over the last month.  I had 3 occasions of longer fasting intervals: one 61 hour fast, one 50 hour fast and one 32 hour fast.

I began my journey by diving deep into the science and physiology of insulin resistance and fasting. Though getting in the weeds is not required, I do believe that a basic understanding of what insulin resistance is and the impact food has on your body is essential.  One may choose to just “do” keto/low carb/LCHF however I believe knowledge is power.  Knowledge gives you the power to understand the true value of your lifestyle choices and, more importantly, discern the bullshit delivered to us by “the establishment” who still beats the low fat drum, a paradigm that is literally slowly killing folks.

Knowledge also serves as significant fuel for motivation.

I really am digging the motivational podcasts by Elizabeth at Primal Potential. Check it out!

No danger of a cold winter because I am on fire (and perimenopausal).

More to come….