Motivation FOUR: Give Attention To Your Goal

Four: Give Attention To Your Goal (From Elizabeth Benton at Primal Potential)

“Have you ever taken a “set it & forget it” approach to your goals? I know I have! In a moment of that motivation spark, I scribbled down some goals in a notebook and never returned to that page. Years later, when cleaning out a junk drawer, I’d find the goals and think, “Huh. I totally forgot about those.”

Motivation requires attention.

Let me be super clear: you must mentally revisit your goal every single day, multiple times a day.”

Along with the daily self-trust building (see Motivation FOUR), I implemented a facet of Elizabeth’s idea about having a set of multiple copies of her goals in various places.  I choose to create mini photo albums with some of my favorite motivational quote images.  I found an inexpensive pack of three 4 x 6 photo albums that each hold 48 images, plus you can insert something for the front/inside front/back/inside back covers.  Sweet.  The quotes range from butt kicking to humorous.  I like the fact that since this is a photo album I can print the quotes on plain paper and switch them periodically.  I have one for my purse, one for my car and one for my home.

More to come….