Motivation FIVE: Respect Your Space

FIVE: Respect Your Space  (From Elizabeth Benton At Primal Potential)

“You do not need to be a neat freak but your immediate environment has a huge impact on your goals.

The space around you is a reflection of how you care for yourself.”

Before I changed my nutritional lifestyle, I barely had an energy to do day to day things and many tasks in my space were neglected. With nutritional ketosis and intermittent fasting my energy level is markedly increased.  I have completed several reorganization projects and importantly I have the motivation to identify other projects.

I still don’t like to dust or vacuum (smile) but my kitchen and bathroom are rock star organized. I have purged a lot of clutter in my home which makes staying organized easier.  Significant progress has been made over the past several months and my household, inside and out,  is no longer a drag on my energy level due to a never ending to do list that doesn’t get done.

My home has become a space where I have the energy and desire to upkeep; an amazing and welcome change for me!

More to come….