Motivation SEVEN: Practice

SEVEN: Practice (From Elizabeth Benton at Primal Potential)

“We can be freed by our conscious thoughts & our disciplined habits.

 That’s why I want you to pick ONE habit you’d need to master to achieve your goal & practice it every single day.

 If you drop the ball, try again. That’s the thing about practice. By definition, practice isn’t perfect. 


 Commit to daily practice. Bring your conscious attention to that one thing you are practicing and do not quit. Do not skip practice.

 The only way to get better & build a habit is through consistent practice.”

Each step on my journey to obtain health and wellness is an opportunity to identity, build and practice behaviors that will be integral to MAINTAINING. Practice creates “easy” from what was once difficult. Practice creates mastery from inexperience. Practice builds strength and confidence form was weakness and insecurity. Willingness to accept that practice is part of the process will also diffuse feelings of negativity and being overwhelmed.  I find the concept of practice a huge motivator on my journey!

More to come….