Motivation SIX: Seek Solutions, Not Problems

SIX: Seek Solutions, Not Problems (From Elizabeth Benton at Primal Potential)

 “You get what you look for. Since you’re reading this post I’m going to make the assumption that you’re not the kind of person who has a problem for every solution.

If you’re looking for reasons you can’t or reasons it’s hard, you’ll always find them. They’re all around you. If, on the other hand, you look for solutions, you’ll find those too.

 Begin to pay attention to your thoughts and words. How often are you searching for problems?

 Switch your thinking and practice being solution-focused.”

I am learning just how important and true this principle is.

It may sound corny but honestly I believe it makes a huge difference.  I have become hyper aware of my thoughts and when they are negative or migrating toward making an excuse.  I am making a conscious effort to cultivate a baseline mindset that is positive, supportive and solution oriented. Curiously, I internally observe the negative tendencies displayed by other people and think about solutions or different ways to frame what is being communicated.

More to come….