Observations Round 6: Six months and counting

November 4th observations include scale weight and body fat percentage.

I experienced a scale weight decrease of 7.2 pounds for a total of 43.2 scale pounds since May 4th, 2016 and a body fat percent decrease of 7%. (By the way, look for a future post on my Dexa Scan and a comparison to my Tanita scale) I am extremely committed to the nutritional ketosis lifestyle and intermittent/extended day fasting. I could talk about it all the time!

It is inspiring to read stories of transformation and healing from others who have adopted these principles. It is inspiring to read how people have undertaken the task of creating changes in their lives that are not supported by the general dogma promulgated by our health care providers and institutions and that are repeated and parroted by cautious and concerned loved ones. I applaud anyone who has the courage first question and then take action to look beyond concepts such as “calories in calories out”, “low fat is healthy” and “saturated fat kills” that are producing stunning increases in the development of type 2 diabetes in adults and as well as children.


The truth exists. Seek it. Find it. Take action. Transform.

You are worth the investment. I am grateful to have realized that I am worth the investment!

More to come….