Observations Round 7: Transient Emotions versus Enduring Thoughts

Today marks 30.6 weeks since I chose to adopt a new dietary lifestyle to reduce my insulin resistance. I have lost 47.6 pounds which yields an average of 1.5 pounds a week.  Going beyond the scale, I truly feel healthier and I remain enthusiastic about learning more and more.

I have caught myself occasionally lamenting about the belly fat that is still there or catching a glimpse of loose skin appearing in unexpected places.Thankfully I am able to snap out of those negative, unsupportive thoughts pretty quickly and provide myself some positive reinforcement along with a dose of reality. The scripts sometimes go like this:

Transient emotion – “I am not going to wear pants with pockets because my spare tire pushes out the pockets. Ugh!”

Enduring thought – “Hello! My spare tire is still there but it is SMALLER. And guess what, buy freaking pants with no pockets. Next.”

Transient emotion – “Wait. What? Is that loose skin on my forearm? On my leg behind my knee? On my OUTER thigh? Sigh”

Enduring thought – “Let’s remind the loose skin that it does not miss the fat that made it smooth. Who cares? I am healing my body and am exponentially healthier.  Buy ¾ length sleeves, capri pants…or NOT.”

This behavior change has taken practice and I continue to practice positive reinforcement and positive self-talk. The tools I have previously written about (tagged Motivation) do work and I recommend practicing them.  And literally, it will take practice.  You don’t become proficient with anything by wishing for it; change is not automatic.  Understand that shifting your mindset will take practice and experimentation to find what tools work for you.  There are so many reasons to make a commitment to learn about insulin resistance, fat loss and mind set. Find yours and start the journey.  There will be no regrets!

More to come…..