Buffer Foods and Trigger Foods

I listened the Keto Talk podcast 45: Very Low Ketones While Fit, Cold Hands & Feet, Sleep Raising Ketones, Salt, Excessive Calories and part of Dr. Adam Nally from “Doc Muscles discussion was on the topic of buffer foods and trigger foods.

Trigger foods are foods which set off cravings or over eating. Can you say peanut butter? My goodness, I could eat peanut butter by the spoon tablespoonful out of the jar. Apparently, meeting a daily caloric goal via peanut butter consumption is frowned upon. The power I have allowed peanut butter to exercise over me has diminished, however, I simply choose not to have it in the house.

Buffer food was a new concept for me. A good analogy of a buffer food is a toll booth where your cravings are the highway and you have to stop and throw in the coins; the act of pausing to pay the toll is the buffer. Eating a buffer food creates a yield in your cravings and may prevent you from temporarily abandoning your goals for the sake of, oh, I don’t know, a jar of peanut butter. A buffer food is something that, in a small amount, is satisfying, may feel like a treat, and prevents cheating. What is defined as satisfying and treat-like is very individual.  A buffer food for me would be low carb baked goods. I really have left bread and such behind, but occasionally I like to have a cracker (for sardines) or a sweet treat. I have learned to make a fraction of any recipe in this category as I end up consuming only a small amount or freezing leftovers.

Now, something that I would consider a buffer food BUT has been a trigger food  is 70% or higher dark chocolate. I have no problem paying a premium to try different chocolate bars because I eat small amounts.  I write about a trigger episode involving Askinosie 70% in September.  I did bring dark chocolate back into the house and was able to successfully not overeat it.

Here is a good article on the topic: How To Stop Food Cravings: Understanding Trigger & Buffer Foods

More to come….