Observations Round 8: Every Day Is an Opportunity

So close is good enough! I am 0.2 pounds from officially hitting the 50 pounds lost milestone.  In the interest of good mathematics, I shall round down, lol.  The past month encompassed the holidays and I did maintain my dietary lifestyle resulting in a loss of 2.4 pounds.

I did some cooking when I visited my family and even snuck some cauliflower “mashed taters” past my father; how would any dish be bad with smoked Gouda cheese and bacon to assist. Plus the tradition of family chicken wings night was upheld with no problem.

I kept things simple, ate what fit my lifestyle, completed several fasting intervals of 24 hours, and kept intake at 1 or 2 meals a day. I passed on movie popcorn TWICE and did not indulge in the famous caramel iced pound cakes.  Simple questions like “will eating X help me reach my goal” or “will eating Y spike my insulin” helped keep my mindset where it needs to be.  Developing the best mindset takes practice.  And overtime, just like your quads, your mindset and resolve become stronger.  Never forget your “whys” and practice staying motivated EVERY DAY.

I also choose to take a break from tracking until January 8th.  I was not able to weigh every day, I did not track my intake and I did not track my fasting intervals.  Not tracking and still experiencing weight loss bolstered my confidence in my decision making for food choices.  It has been a nice break, though I found myself looking at the app icons on my phone a few times.  Speaking of being nutty for numbers, below is a graph from  My Tanita of visceral fat rating which is now within normal range.

More to come…..