Believe It. Say It. Repeat.

I am sugar free. In more ways than one. My challenge was to create affirmations for myself. The real challenge was expressing affirming statements of reality, not unicornville.

In my work life I am known for many humorous and serious philosophies. One is that I am sugar free in that I prefer being straightforward over sugar coating.  Another infamous saying is “Forks.  No spoons” with regard to being self-sufficient.  You get the idea.

I came across the article Why Affirmations are Bullshit which did a good job describing my thoughts about many of common affirmations that I read. Here are some snippets from the article:

There are two major ways in which this flavor of affirmations stifles your personal growth practice:

  1. They lie.

A better idea: think true thoughts. What are you really doing?

  1. They make you lazy.

A better idea: choose thoughts that motivate you to action, not just to gratification.

 Here is a two-question litmus test for de-bullshitting your “affirmations”

Question 1. Do I believe this thought?

Question 2. Does this thought feel good?

Armed with this clarity, I created affirmations for myself. I realized that it was meaningful to me for my statements to reflect actions or taking action.

  • I make choices that support my goals.
  • I teach myself to find the opportunity in every obstacle.
  • I choose thoughts that move me forward toward my goals
  • I have the awareness and ability to change my thinking and change any thought to something positive.
  • I am deliberate and thoughtful with my food choices.
  • I value maintaining my progress more than giving in to a momentary urge.
  • Focusing on my why’s relieves me of distractions.
  • I am eager and willing to do the work to obtain and maintain my health.
  • I am confident that my lifestyle supports hormonal balance.
  • I am sugar free and find no value in sugary, soft or flowery statements.
  • I value being unvarnished and straight forward.
  • I have a strong mind and sensitive spirit.

Believe it. Say it. Repeat it. Repeat often!

More to come…..

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