Eat To Your Meter

I am all about minimizing spikes in insulin production in order to keep my insulin level low and increase my insulin sensitivity. Since we have to have a lab blood draw to measure fasting insulin, using a blood glucose meter is a tool we can use to gain insight into how our bodies are reacting to the food we eat.  This practice is known as “eat to your meter”.  It is basically eating different foods to determine how YOUR body tolerates them.

I purchased and ate some freeze dried green beans recently. I immediately checked the ingredient list when I checked my post meal blood sugar.  What I thought were green beans included dextrose in the ingredient list!  I thought the mild sweetness was from having been dried. It pays to keep aware of all foods with and without labels!  It pays to check your post meal blood sugar.  I would have been very disappointed to have discovered my oversight after having eating all of those freeze dried green beans.

I created a table with the target values I chose for myself based on various readings. For comparison, values from the American Diabetes Association (ADA) and International Diabetes Federation (IDF) are included. Each of these organizations specify different values for type 2 diabetics and normal/non-diabetics. I am not sure of the rationale for this division though the difference appears to be values used to diagnose diabetes versus values for type 2 diabetics.  Perhaps this distinction is related their fallible positions that diabetes is a progressive, irreversible disease. A position to which I do not subscribe!

Eat To Your Meter


More to come…..