Observations Round 9: Meeting of the Minds

What a way to celebrate 9 months living the ketogenic lifestyle! Today was the culmination of a wonderful conference on ketosis and metabolic therapies as well as my day to report on my continuing progress.

This conference was an opportunity for full immersion in subject matter that is very meaningful to me! The energy was friendly, engaging and inspiring. I am more motivated than ever and am convinced that nutritional ketosis is the key to repairing and supporting a healthy body and metabolism. It was heartening to see so many people across a wide spectrum of missions come together to share, learn and take steps to improve their lives!

I am immensely grateful for the opportunity to attend.  I have new questions and ideas but will focus on my primary goal of reversing my insulin resistance. I am observing progressive improvement with my health and am confident that my primary goal will be realized in 2017. My scale weight loss is now a total of 53 pounds which ain’t so shabby either (smile).

Metabolic Therapeutics Conference 2017 Speaker Agenda

More to come…..