So (Keto) Fresh Ideas – Part 2

Into DIY?  So Fresh offers a second, mini menu to guide you to build your own salad, bowl or wrap.  Using that idea as a platform, I expanded the options to include more that fit the ketogenic lifestyle.  If you struggle with food prep or coming up with meal ideas, it would be easy to use this platform as a base.

The idea is to choose a base + additions + extras/protein + sauce/dressing. There is nothing earth shattering about the information below, but it may be helpful to get you going.  Building your own is a simple approach with lots of options.  Pick 1 or more from each category and GO!

  •  Vegetable noodles/zoodles are not only fun to eat but they are quick and easy to prepare in advance.
  • If you like spaghetti squash, perhaps cook a couple of them, “spaghettify” and have available for your “build”.
  • Don’t forget about vegetables that are riced or “slawed” either by YOU or that are now available in stores.
  • It is easy to cook ground beef or shred chicken in bulk, then freeze in appropriate portion sizes.


  • Chopped kale, zoodles, cauliflower rice, broccoli rice, chopped cabbage, lettuce/mixed greens, spinach


  • Broccoli, green (sweet) peppers, banana/chili (mild) peppers, jalapenos, carrots, cucumbers, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, spaghetti squash, nuts/seeds, jicama

Extras/ Proteins

  • Cheese (cheddar, feta, goat, parmesan, blue or your favorite), avocado, bacon, eggs
  • Chicken, ground beef or sliced steak, shrimp, tuna/salmon (fresh or canned/pouched)


  • Vinegar based dressings
    • Cooking Formula For A Simple Vinaigrette
    • My go to recipe (which is not the standard vinaigrette ratio) is a super easy balsamic dressing consisting of equal parts of balsamic vinegar, spicy mustard and oil. I prefer balsamic vinegar that is a little tangy, brand name Grey Poupon spicy mustard and healthy oil like avocado oil. Adjust the ratio to fit your tastes and add a few drops of stevia to round down the sharpness. The mustard not only adds great flavor but it keeps the dressing mixed. I even use this dressing on taco salads (smile).
    • Oil + vinegar or Oil + lemon/lime juice is always an easy option.
  • Yogurt or Kefir based dressings
    • Tzatziki is the Greek dressing slathered on your Gyro that tastes so good. Some of the key ingredients are grated cucumber, garlic, and lemon juice. There are lots of recipes on the internet.
  • Spice it up with Garlic Chili Sauce or Sriracha Sauce. Trader Joe’s makes a Green Dragon Hot Sauce that has a good flavor.
  • Top your salad or bowl with salsa or  Salsa Dressing
  • Herbs and Spices
    • I am close to being inspired to try grow my own herbs. Adding fresh herbs to dishes seems to make the most difference when added as a finishing addition to a salad or bowl. However, I am a believer in using dried herbs and seasonings for cost, convenience and reduced waste.
    • Smoked sea salt adds a lot of flavor to your dish

May your imagination flourish and your body be nourished!

More to come…..