Five Day Commitment

My favorite podcast, Primal Potential, recently covered the topic of fasting.  Podcaster Elizabeth Benton and On Air with Ella  are embarking on a group extended fast starting on March 12.  The interesting thing is this is actually a challenge to anyone, fasting or not, to commit to making a change for 5 days, which I think is a really awesome approach.

I really love how they are framing this event.  It is so open ended and focused on one’s individual readiness and fasting experience as well as the importance of listening to your body.  Learn more about the event and listen to the podcast here: : Extended Fasting – Myths & Facts.  There are links to some great resources in the podcast show notes.  The podcast is worth the listen.

This group fast is an opportunity to learn more about fasting in a supportive atmosphere. If you are curious about intermittent fasting or extended fasting, the private Facebook group opened for this topic is already open. If you are up for the challenge of fasting intermittently, the challenge of an extended fast for up to 5 days, or the challenge of making a commitment to a dietary change for 5 days you may find this event interesting.  I think it would be interesting purely as a lurker, especially if I had any interest in folks experiences with fasting.

A preview of some of the information is here.

Elizabeth & Ella’s Is Fasting Right For Me QUICK GUIDE

Elizabeth & Ella’s Personal Fasting Plan

More to come…..

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