Observations Round 10: Changes and Patterns

Today marks 10 months since I began my journey to repair and heal insulin resistance in my body.  I enjoy having  a date in mind where I reflect and summarize monthly.  I am curious with anticipation and feel ever so slight pressure when the date for this mini goal approaches. I believe sustainable changes and patterns are emerging with my body, with my mind, and from a numerical standpoint as well.

I now have a total loss of 55 scale pounds from my blog starting weight.  I also see other numerical patterns emerging with metrics from the Tanita scale, notably with regard to decreasing body fat percentage and improving metabolic age. I am seeing a remarkable impact on my blood glucose and I am eager get more markers measured.  The non scale victory of being able to shop the next size down in my closet continues though, gratefully, I will soon need to go to a mall (smile). Reflecting upon the past 10 months have me thinking about what other changes and patterns have emerged on this journey.

I have previously confessed to being a quote graphic junkie.  I gravitate toward graphics that easy to read, simply stated, and that are motivational and supportive without being syrupy. I also do not object to occasional profanity (smile).  Pintrerest facilitates such obsessions and I observed that the content of my collection has shifted significantly toward mindset, defining goals and taking action.

A recent challenge I encountered was to define something that would serve as an anchor in my life to attenuate drifting away from my goals.  It could be visiting your affirmations.  Or a specific question or set of questions to ask yourself.  It could be listening to podcasts. Or journaling.   Your anchor could be whatever you choose as long as it is meaningful to YOU in the sense that it is that thing that would help you right the boat, help you end the drift.

I am developing a pattern with quote graphics that is my current anchor. I began posting motivational quotes that are meaningful to me on Instagram.  My original purpose for even having an Instagram account was to find ketogenic and low carb high fat recipes and meal ideas.  Somewhere along the journey I discovered a gold mind of motivational treasures there, but only went as far as marking the ones I liked.  When the challenge to define an anchor presented, I saw this as a perfect opportunity.  Quotes are a quick dose of inspiration or a firm reality check and the whole  “hashtagging” thing allows you to find what matches your need or mood at the moment.

It will be exciting to see where this goes…..where I go.

More to come…..

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