Degree of Difference? 180

I have been thinking a lot about my commitment to myself to maintain the progress I have made thus far while still striving for my ultimate goal.  I realize that my mindset is considerably different than the many times I have been on this journey in the past. The post below is the next to last post I wrote on Blog To Loose.  As I read it, I see my desire to find weight loss success but I was woefully lacking in the physiologic and mental tools that I have found with my new lifestyle. I have extreme gratitude for the tools I have garnered thus far and the life saving people and information that have crossed my path.  Every time I make a new discovery –  something that will become a lifestyle tool,  an information tidbit that I tuck away to research, a quote graphic that rocks my world, a new meal idea or recipe, a podcast that has me firing up Mr. Google – I become excited about the opportunity to become better and more fortified.  I become excited that, finally, I know how to translate knowing into doing….for the rest of my life.

Questionable timing? Self Sabatage……
Originally posted November 15, 2013 at 8:34am

Let me start by saying that I have had enough – of myself!  I have been asking myself about the timing of my lack of enthusiasm lately.  I have received many compliments about my weight loss….even a neighbor that I frequently see on dog walks made a comment to me this week. Why hasn’t that translated into inspiring me?  It seems to have put me in a funk rather than spurring me on.  

I have successfully lost about 1/3 of the weight from my goal.  Maybe I just needed a break? That better be it because as of today I am officially commanding myself to break OUT of this funk and get back down to the business of working on loosing the 2/3 that I have to go!!!!  

Goal reset for the next 7 days:

  1. Walking reset back to 10K steps per day minimum.  The more steps the merrier!
  2. Other Activity – 50 knee raises and push ups daily
  3. Tracking – track in My Fitness Pal daily
  4. Water – minimum of 9 cups a day of pure water (this equals 3 of my water bottle containers)
  5. Weight Watchers Power Foods – 14 out of 21 meals per week comprised of power foods (ha, ha, this equals 2/3 which matches the rest of my weight goal)
  6. Weight Watchers Meeting – go to a neighborhood meeting Saturday and to the at work meeting Tuesday so I can see which one will be the best fit to replace the at work meeting that was cancelled in the building where I work
  7. Posting – give a follow up post next Friday about my goal reset
  8. Be a Force of Positivity – borrowed this one from Shannon H.  (smile) “Remember that you are a confident, capable, strong, intelligent lady. Don’t let seeds of doubt or negativity get one inch into your thoughts this week. You’ve got bigger, better things to do than that.”

More to come…..