Principle Versus Interest

When you first go on a diet, it is common to initially drop a lot of weight fairly quickly.  As you get closer to your goal, the rate of loss slows and commonly frustration begins to set in.  I had the thought to look at it as paying off a mortgage. 

The initial money you pay is largely toward interest with not much money going toward actual ownership.  This is like the quick weight loss that happens at the start.  Your initial pounds are usually water weight rather than actual fat loss.  There are hormonal reasons behind this initial drop in weight.  And, because your body has not started to react defensively to what is going on you continue to lose.

Then we start getting into the principle; our core goal. As you progress, more and more of the money paid is going toward the principle.  You are paying toward your core goal no matter how slow your progress. Perhaps we hit our set point and plateau.  My question is, why would you want to give up when you have actually started paying more toward ownership?

In regard to weight loss, fat loss, health and wellness, it makes sense that as we get closer to our goal we should really dig in.  You get the first exciting drop in weight. Is every week going to be exciting?  No.  Has weight loss EVER been known to be a linear process? No. Even though your rate of physical progress slows, are you not still paying toward the principle with non-scale victories?

How about looking at cheating as missing a payment. Will there be a penalty to be paid for missing that payment?  What is the outcome for doing this repeatedly?  Bad credit. Repossession.  Gaining back the weight you have lost. Losing the equity you have built in your goals.

Folks often lament about no results after X amount of time or stalling.  On this journey this question comes to mind – why would the solution be quitting?  Why default on your loan or go bankrupt?  Instead, refinance.  Make adjustments and tweaks to your plan, make changes, research alternatives but do not abandon your goals.  Do not abandon the progress you have made out of frustration.  Embrace the frustration and use it as fuel to find what will work for you.  Be willing to do the work to pay off the mortgage, obtain the home and maintain the temple that is your healthy body and mind

More to come…..