The Value of Practice

Lately I have been thinking about what will make my time on this part of the path, the weight loss portion of my journey, the last time.  What is different THIS time?  Sure, I can SAY this is the last time, because I have SAID that before. I am fully aware it takes more that wanting, wishing and saying.

Seems obvious, but it takes doing.  Ahhhh…..going from knowing to DOING.  Making decisions, every single day, that support your goals.  If your goal is to obtain weight X or blood sugar Y, then your choices and decisions need to support said goals.  And how do these magical decisions happen?  Practice.  You PRACTICE making goal supporting decisions.  The notion seems absurdly simply, yet adding the perspective of practice is making a huge difference for me.

I primarily have thought of practice in the context of exercise or sports.  Athletes practice their skill or sport methodically, with much repetition.  The athletes goal is become better and stronger.  The athletes goal is to deliver a fierce performance in the face of competition.  The athlete knows that their fiercest competitor is themselves and strive to become better today than they were yesterday.  Oh my, so dramatic!  But not really.

Defined, practice means:

  1. Repeated exercise in or performance of an activity or skill so as to acquire or maintain proficiency in it.
  2. Carry out or perform (a particular activity, method, or custom) habitually or regularly.
  3. Actively pursue or be engaged in (a particular profession or occupation).

Well, practice describes EXACTLY what I need to do to focus on my goals and make improvements every day, but I never framed it this way before!

  • I practice passing up the bread or the cookie.
  • I practice learning what foods fit my goals and which foods do not.
  • I practice learning what macros are and what value there is in tracking.
  • I practice new ways of cooking and using new ingredients.
  • I practice looking for non-scale victories.
  • I practice creating affirming statements that steady and motivate me.
  • I practice journaling.
  • I practice putting things for which I am grateful in writing.

I practice all of this on the same day, I have achieved nirvana, and I fell out of bed with the strength and skill set to achieve everything I wish for instantly.  Weeeeeee!

Clearly, change is a process.  Change takes time.  Change requires patience.

Change requires practice.

I practice making good, better and best decisions every day.  It doesn’t happen overnight.  Consistency is developed over time by taking small steps and making small changes.  Rather than framing a decision as bad or a failure, learn from it.  Flip the framing to where a similar scenario is an opportunity to practice making a different and better decision next time. This is how to build skills, strength and resolve.  My goals provide a framework for the skills I want to build.

I am practicing change, incrementally, with small steps daily.  Every single day.  I can obtain and maintain!

More to come…..




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