Squirrel Patrol

Pursuing squirrels is quite an exciting challenge for my dog Ginger.  She approaches this activity with enthusiasm daily.  It is amusing to observe her pursuit during squirrel patrol, but I have realized there is a lesson here.  

I too am on squirrel patrol.  You see, squirrel patrol is my journey.  The pursuit of my goals is exciting and challenging.  Daily, I choose to engage my goals and take action, whether I feel like it or not, somewhat like the instinctual desire Ginger has to go after squirrels.

It begins with her having encountered a squirrel just one time, knowing the squirrel exists.  My goals have been identified.  My goals are specific and measurable rather than generic and broad.  I want to be healthier, thus my goals are to achieve normal blood sugars which I measure routinely, track my intake and target a certain amount of carbohydrates per day, choose a baseline of 2 meals a day and eliminate snacking, choose to fast for healing.  You get the idea.  I look for the squirrel, the opportunity, to make choices every day that support my goals.

Some days the squirrels scurry about in plain sight.  Other days Ginger knows they are out there though she may not see them.  Thus, she waits, planning her attack.  Part of my plan has been to put my goals into writing (literally) and re-evaluate often.  Other parts of my plan include knowing my Why’s and creating supportive thoughts and ideas that I affirm daily.  I also read and listen to ideas that support elevating my mindset so I obtain and maintain my goals.  I put effort into staying focused, practicing being patient with myself, breaking large obstacles into smaller components, taking small steps forward daily and minimizing becoming overwhelmed.

But you know, Ginger never actually catches the squirrel.  Curiously, this is the joy of squirrel patrol.  I recognize that my journey to obtain and maintain does not end.  My journey to be better than I was yesterday does not end. My journey brings clear skies and clouds, twists and turns, bumps and holes, some changes of direction, but I am always moving forward. This is a new level of understanding that I did not have in the past.  I am grateful for this perspective!

So, every day, I have a reminder that yesterday is in the past.  The squirrel was not caught.  Today is a new day and squirrel patrol shall commence anew.

More to come…..