Observations Round 12: Keep Moving Forward

This month marks one year following the lifestyle of nutritional ketosis and intermittent fasting for the primary reason of improving my insulin resistance.  I have been successful in a number of ways and look forward to continuing my journey.

Let’s talk numbers first.  In a nutshell, massive improvements have been achieved with regard to my insulin resistance and inflammation. A table with specifics is at the end of this post. Quantifying my progress is valuable to me and provides so much encouragement and reinforcement of my lifestyle choices.  Proof is in the keto pudding, so to speak, lol.

I have learned so much about the reality of what standard nutritional guidelines are lacking and what the science actually supports.  No matter how maddening it may feel, once the veil of lies is removed, learn to forgive and trade negative energy spent being angry at “the man” for positive energy to fuel increasing your knowledge.  This has been the best approach for me.  There are so many resources available for free.  Start the journey to re-educate yourself today!  Take your time, resist feeling overwhelmed, and let the learning commence.  And by the way, I still find autophagy the most fascinating!

I have also seen tremendous growth in my mindset and perspective. All these years I have “heard” about the power of mindset and I don’t doubt that I adopted some changes over the course of my life under the general guise of self-improvement and a desire to be better.  But what I have learned over the past year is that you really have to pause and grab a hold of the root of your thoughts, decide what you want those thoughts to drive, and do the work to re-write the script of self-talk.  Believe me, it is hard, but the hard work is worth it.

I have added another tenant to what it is that I want to obtain and maintain – the mindset that supports my goals.  This is arguably at least as important as dietary choices.  However, what I have learned is that once you have a firm hold on your dietary goals and choices, they no longer distract you and that energy can be shifted elsewhere.  It’s a process.  A process to be engaged in one step at a time. Practice creates progress.  Small changes yield big results. The decision is yours.

More to come…..

Lab Test 1 year
percent change
My Observations
Specific biomarkers
Glucose decreased 53% Fasting glucose is within normal limits; I have room for more improvement
Hemoglobin A1c decreased 44% Very good progress here; a little above the optimal value
Insulin decreased 18 % The initial value was within normal range and it is encouraging to see this number continue to drop.
Leptin decreased 29% It is encouraging to see this value decrease; I likely will discontinue having this lab performed.
Vitamin D, 25-Hydroxy increased 19% It is encouraging to see this value increase.  It is within normal range however optimum is a bit higher.
Magnesium (RBC) normal New test.  Measures magnesium inside the blood cells for an improved assessment of magnesium levels
Inflamatory biomarkers
CRP-hs (highly sensitive) decreased 81% This huge decrease has put me in range for average risk, just above optimal.
Fibrinogen Activity, Clauss decreased (maintain normal range) The initial value was within normal range. It is encouraging to see this number continue to drop.
Other biomarkers
Triglycerides  decreased 48%  Currently 41 mg/dL which I think is awesome
C-peptide, serum maintain normal range
Kidney/Liver maintain normal range
Lipid Panel maintain normal range
Thyroid maintain normal range
Fluids and Electrolytes maintain normal range