STEM-Talk Episode 37: Gary Taubes

This STEM-Talk episode is lengthy but truly worth the listen if you are interested in gaining perspective about the history of scientific research, history of sugar and sugar in the diet. I will never forget when I read his 2002 article. 

Episode 37 of STEM-Talk  features a more than two-hour conversation with Gary about his latest research as well as a look back at other nutrition and science topics that have dominated Gary’s journalistic investigations since the 1980s.

Gary first burst onto the national scene in 2002 with an article in the New York Times Magazine titled, “What If’s It’s All Been a Big Fat Lie?” Gary made the point that Robert Atkins and his high-fat, low-carb diet had a better history and scientific record of helping people lose weight than the low-fat diet that was and remains the centerpiece of the nation’s health policy and food pyramid.”

More to come…..

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