Observations Round 13 – Overalls

One of my favorite quotes is credited to Thomas Edison: Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.  Simply stated and very true.  There is no substitute for consistently doing the work.

I have made progress in so many ways, which is great.  On the most basic level of scale weight, 64 pounds gone forever.  Buh bye!  But let me be honest, I now have two jobs: to maintain what has been achieved and to keep moving forward to become better than I was yesterday.  I suppose a good, sturdy pair of overalls is in order for all of this work that is going on.

What I am grateful for is the perspective that obtaining and maintaining IS work.  I never looked at weight loss or getting healthier quite from this perspective before.  Formerly, my attitude was that the diet or exercise was something to be picked up and put down; not something that I needed to carry every single day, all the time.  Being able to carry and support your goals takes practice, but the more you carry IT the more a part of you IT becomes.  And guess what, once IT becomes a solid part of you, you can pick up the next thing, the next goal and begin practicing carrying THAT.  Or your strength and fortitude will allow you to move or go around the next obstacle with more ease and learn a new lesson.

Words that are at the top of the obtain and maintain vocabulary now are: focus, consistency, practice, action, choice, decision, earn, solutions, effort, mindset, pause, gratitude, simplicity.

The opportunity exists, it is up to US to do the WORK.  Get dressed!

More to come…..