Fresh Spinach

In spite of the massive shrinkage (the culinary term is wilting) that occurs when introducing heat to fresh spinach, lately it is my favorite veggie side.  Sauteed with butter, garlic and any other seasonings of choice, yields a fast and tasty side dish.

Costco sells a gigantic 1 pound container of organic baby spinach for $3.99 which is really a good deal.  I melt butter over low heat, add garlic, spinach and seasoning, cover and watch the wilting commence, stirring a couple of times.  It cooks so quickly that I prepare it just prior to serving.  I love creamed spinach but this is sauteed is easier to make on the fly.

My favorite seasoning to use is either Pepperman or  Trader Joe’s 21 Seasoning Salute. Oh, and don’t forget a dash of cayenne pepper.

There are different schools of thought regarding consuming spinach (and vegetables in general) raw versus cooked.  The last sentence in an article from Scientific American states it best:

“We cook them so they taste better,” Liu says. “If they taste better, we’re more likely to eat them.” And that’s the whole idea.

So go ahead and have a salad with raw spinach with your favorite low carb toppings or a warm side dish of buttery sauteed spinach.

Keeping it simple!

More to come…..