Observations Round 14 – Non Linear

One year and 2 months following my adopted lifestyle of nutritional ketosis finds me experiencing a plateau with regard to scale weight loss.  Good thing I am not too concerned.  Good thing that fat loss/weight loss is not a linear process, as are most roads to achieving goals.  Good thing that, THIS time, I fully embrace the concept that I am building a lifestyle that I will not turn away from.

I see this plateau an opportunity to pause and examine.  What may I need to change?  What may need to be added or removed?  Am I bringing my best effort with regard to mindset? Am I being consistent with habits that are helping me transform who I am?  Am I resting upon successes achieved so far?

I see this plateau as a test.  Am I able to maintain what I have accomplished so far?  How do my goals need to be refined?  Are non scale victories sustaining?  Is my body continuing to repair and heal itself?

Yes.  I still have work to do.  I still have hard work to do.  I am willing to keep moving forward and embrace the opportunities that each day offers.

More to come…..