Taking Good Care

I was recently listening to Primal Potential podcast 352: Overcoming Doubt & Creating Consistency . This is one of her longer podcasts and is totally worth the listen.  About 15 minutes into the podcast she began talking about how she wants to feel amazing every single day.  And you know what, so do I.  The context of her statement was related to actively striving to feel amazing and how that goal can shape our choices.

I am learning and practicing what I need to do to feel amazing every single day.  There are many days where I would have to say I have not felt amazing, have not put forth my best effort, and have not done what it takes to met the bar that I have set for myself.  I wrote the previous sentence lamenting what I may have not done in order to make this point: none of that matters.  Not one bit.  Each day is an opportunity to start fresh, a clean slate. The more we practice shedding the burdensome, negative thoughts and judgments of yesterday and turning our focus to the opportunities that we have right in front of us TODAY, our motivation will naturally emerge and we will get closer to our goals. Is this hard to do? Yes. It is hard to erase the recordings and fill in the grooves created in our mind when we have repeatedly beat ourselves up over stuff.

I came across a post on Instagram that I find really resonates with me.  It reads “When I take good care of my body, I am sending a message of love to myself”.  One of my challenges is creating a pause in between thinking and making a choice or between thinking and acting on a choice.  I find that the pause helps me make better, thoughtful choices and show myself love.

I am building love and trust with myself.  I am also building a spirit of forgiveness where I measure the effort and progress I am making as apposed to some false idea of perfection that I was not able achieve.   Yay me!

when i take good care of myself

More to come…..