Redux Round Two: Affirmations and Why’s

Today is day 9 of the 30 day Affirmation Challenge.  I felt it was time to update my personal affirmations and why’s. In the spirit of keeping things simple, my updated version has be streamlined a bit.  I have also recommitted to consistently saying them out loud at least once a day.  I hope you find the practice as valuable as I do!

Believe it. Say it. Repeat it. Repeat often!


  • I am eager and willing to do the work to obtain and maintain my health
  • I am deliberate and thoughtful with my food choices
  • My self talk is friendly, loving, supportive and accepting
  • I create thoughtful pauses in order to become calm and remain less reactive
  • I express gratitude daily, throughout my day, for all things big and small


  • Normalize glucose tolerance and insulin resistance
  • Decrease the impact of degenerative and age-related diseases
  • Decrease inflammation
  • Lose body fat
  • Heal my body physically and mentally
  • Strengthen my body physically and mentally
  • Minimize my need to become a patient
  • Inspire and teach others how to be better and healthier

Believe it. Say it. Repeat it. Repeat often!

More to come…..