Cronometer App For Tracking

I found an app that will allow inclusion of non-food information.  The first function that won me over is the ability to add custom notes before and after meals which is important if you are tracking information like level of hunger or emotions related to consuming food.

The second function is the ability to add biometrics such as blood glucose.  The app is 2.99 and is well worth it.  Cronometer is available for iPhone and Android.  Find out details here:  Cronometer User Guide/Help.  Primal Potential podcast 366: Want Fat Loss? Start Here discusses the value of tracking what you eat and WHY you eat.

One cool thing about this app is the ability to rearrange the entries.  This comes in handy if you add entries out of order, or if you want to create a note at the end of the day as it relates to something you added to your tracker earlier.  There is a rearrange button or you can drag and drop when you are using the app on your phone.

Cronometer add note

This app popular with the ketogenic crowd is a setting that allows your net carbs to be calculated by default.  I decided to turn this off and continue to manually subtract fiber if and when I want to know my net carbs.  The app will also give you a snapshot of which foods contributed to your macronutrients.  Below is a screen shot of my carb summary and tracking for a day.  Happy tracking!

Cronometer total carbs

                         Cronometer tracking


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