Observations Round 15 – Do you know about Milligiggles?

My recent Crononmeter post describes 2 features of this tracking app that I am finding valuable – adding notes and biometrics.  The biometrics menu has an option to track mood, quantified in milligiggles.  I love it! I am finding that simply pulling up this tracking option makes me smile.

Kudos to whomever added milligiggles as a mood biomarker.

Quantifying mood is an interesting idea.  Is it possible to give our mood an objective, quantified value?  Is mood just an unstructured, gelatinous feeling that has no shape and is beyond our control?  To an extent, I believe that we can choose our mood.  We can choose what we feel about something; our attitude towards it.  I can choose to be at 88.5 milligiggles when I wake up in the morning after a good night’s rest, 91 milligiggles after a good meal, or 100 milligiggles after an overcoming an obstacle.

What is my mood when thinking about having lived a lifestyle of nutritional ketosis for 15 months.  Considering the plateau that I am experiencing, how is my mood impacted; what does a plateau do for my state of mind regarding my journey?

What matters to me is my daily commitment to bringing my best effort and actively making choices that support my goals.  This is not to say that I am perfect by any means. I am saying that daily I set an intention to do my best, focus on my goals, do the hard work and continue to learning and improve.  I imagine if I did none of this?  Where would I be?  I can say that I would NOT be moving forward and toward my goals.  Maybe milligiggles should be a measure of my commitment to my goals, without any drama associated with some faint notion of perfection.  Milligiggles can be driven by my commitment to bringing my best effort each the day.

Yes.  I like that.  I am 100 milligiggles in on being the best me I can be today!  I am fully committed to my lifestyle.

Do you know about Milligiggles?

Cron-O-Meter currently supports 14 Biometrics including mood. On a daily basis you can track how you are feeling and compare your mood graph to your nutritional graph in the “Trends” tab. Here’s how it works. Click on the “Add Biometric” tab. Click on the first drop down menu and scroll down to select mood. Milligiggles is completely customizable. I personally use a scale of 1 – 10 where 1 represents the lowest mood and 10 the highest. Just another great way to use Cron-O-Meter to support a healthy lifestyle by being empowered with the knowledge to make more informed nutritional choices.

More to come…..