Observations Round 16 – Labor Day and Mindset

My 16-month mark falls on the Labor Day holiday and I am inspired to explore the meaning of the word labor and how it is connected to my journey.  As a verb, labor means to work hard; make great effort.  Synonyms for labor are grind away, struggle, strive, exert oneself.  I would say that labor is the perfect word to describe actions needed to build a strong mindset.  Laboring on mindset, working hard on what I believe it takes to achieve my goals has been a game changer.  Mindset, I am continuing to learn, is the cornerstone of my journey.

In the past having experienced a plateau in scale weight loss may have resulted in derailment or quitting.  However, doing the work to build a fortified mindset enables me to see the opportunities that exist beyond a simple measurement from a scale.  My mindset is focused on what is possible rather than what obstacles are in front of me.  What can I do? What can I do differently?  What can I learn from this? What are my next steps? How do I keep moving forward?

The bedrock of my mindset is found in the name of my blog – Obtain and Maintain.  If I never lose another pound, I have learned that maintaining what I have achieved thus far is the real task at hand and what my journey is about – going forward and not backwards.  Beyond this, having the right mindset includes recognizing non-scale victories, practicing new habits (that crowd out and eliminate old ones), practicing gratitude and being willing to do the work every single day.

I think of the hashtags that I use on Instagram as mindset soundbites: #actionoverintent, #bringyourbesteffort, #embracethechallenge, #gratitudeisthebestattitude and a number of others.  I keep a list of hashtags in a note for reference which helps me focus on the aspects of my mindset that I may need to push myself on or that I am really feeling on any day.  Posting at least one quote sets the tone for each day and has been a great tool for motivation.

Mindset? Push yourself.  No one is going to do it for you.

More to come…..