Homework: Becoming A Better Reader

I invest a fair amount of time in reading books related to health and mindset.  Impactful points in a book are rewarded with a mere underline and not much more. I sporadically make notes in the book or on paper but this in an area ripe for improvement.  But taking notes and stuff is like being in school, isn’t it?  Yep.  It is.  And as I attend “classes” related to my re-education, I have realized that learning to take away more from what I am reading is a great goal.

To this end, I came across a really good post at  Farnam Street Blog (Mastering The Best Of What Other People Have Already Figured Out)


How to Remember What You Read has a number of recommendations that will use to find out what works best for me.  My reading comprehension is good but my recall beyond vague references needs improvement.  I never thought about this challenge in terms of developing a new way to read.

“Having a deliberate strategy for anything we spend a lot of time on is a sensible approach. But most people don’t consciously try to get the most out of the time they invest in reading.

For us to get the most out of each book we read, it is vital to have a plan for recording, reflecting on, and putting into use the conclusions we draw from the information we consume. In this article, we will look at a strategy for deriving the maximum benefit from every single page you read.”

I feel smarter already.

More to come…..