Observations Round 18: What Do I Want To Be True?

I am back from attending the ASCEND workshop in Boston hosted by Elizabeth Benton at Primal Potential.  This workshop was an opportunity to meet the podcaster who is playing a big role in my mindset transformation.  Many thought provoking topics were covered and I took away a number of ideas to reflect on and strategies to implement going forward.  One of the things that Elizabeth does that I love is put forth ideas and strategies in the form of questions.  One question that really struck me was “what do I want to be true for myself?”.

To me, asking myself “what do I want to be true” is a tool that I can use for making decisions and choices that support my goals.  Asking myself this question helps me to creates a pause before taking action.  I often struggle with the feeling that I have no pause and that I go straight from input to reaction.  I know that a pause exists and I need to get better at looking for it and finding it.  Do I want it to be true that I have a negative reaction to an email?  Do I want it to be true that I complain about my coworkers or other people that may aggravate me during the day?  Do I want it to be true that I make food choices that support low insulin/low blood sugar?  Do I want it to be true that I do not do the things that make me uncomfortable?  Honestly, in the few days that I have been practicing asking myself this throughout the day I have observed a positive impact.

Asking this question is also a good tool to use to help me identify daily goals as well as short and long-term goals.  Thinking about what I want to be true about how a meeting goes, how an interaction with a certain person or people goes, or what my goals are sets my mind up to make decisions and choices that would have these things be true.  This question curtails my propensity to make decisions and choices to the contrary.  This questions also spurs a cascade of tangible options in my mind – depending on if X is something I do or do not want to be true.  If I do not want X to be true, what do I actually want to be true or what do I need to do to prevent X from becoming true?  If I do want X to be true, then congratulations to me and the opportunity to make a decision that supports my having a great day and that support my goals.

And yes, remembering to ask the question is hard.  It takes practice.  Posing this question is likely not as hard now since it is a fresh, new approach.  However, this particular question really did resonate with me.  I think it resonates with me because I have decided to stop spending time lying to myself about my behavior and choices and would rather devote my energy to asking myself the hard questions, building trust with myself and making and sustaining changes and new habits.

What is your story?  What do you want to be true?

More to come…..