Observations Round 19: Not Linear

With the correct perspective, I use quantitative measures to reinforce choices that I have made, develop future modifications, and create personal conundrums when my progress does not match my linear expectations (smile).   Scale weight, macro tracking in Cronometer, blood glucose checks, occasional blood ketones measurement, periodic lab tests, and body measurements a la “how my pants fit” are the parameters that I track to gain insight into my important journey to better health and wellness.

I recently came across a great article on is there a need to measure ketones and I agree with the perspective 100 percent.  In a nutshell, depending on your goal with regard to a dietary lifestyle of nutritional ketosis, measuring ketones is not necessary.  You can find the Measuring Ketones article here.

Going beyond should one measure ketones, it is easy to get distracted with how or what to track when embarking upon the ketogenic lifestyle.  Having a realistic perspective regarding quantitative inputs is highly important to me. I greatly appreciate all the of information that I collect on myself and I am grateful to be able to gather and interpret it.  However, at the end of the day, having clearly defined goals with regard to the food that I fuel my body with, day in and day out, is most important.  This approach is much simpler than all of the data in the world and improved health is practically guaranteed in the absence of quantitative data.

The food criterion I keep at the forefront are:

  • Minimally processed
  • Low impact on blood glucose
  • Low in natural sugars
  • Very low in added sugar

These benchmarks support the idea that a food is less likely to create an insulin spike (insulinogenic).  Over time, lower insulin levels support increasing the insulin sensitivity of my cells.  So simple.  Currently, there is no means to measure insulin levels outside of a lab test, therefore, making food and meal choices based on insulin response research is the most reasonable path.

My nonlinear progression with fat loss is a challenge that I fully embrace.  I have a passion for reading and learning about making the best choices to support my lifestyle of nutritional ketosis and fortifying my mindset overall.  I proceed on the journey with zeal.  The journey has bumps and obstacles, yet I move forward nonetheless.

More to come…..