Observations Round 20: Threads

I think of my goals as threads.  A thread being a strand of fiber that represents something that I want to achieve.  Threads in a loose pile or tightly woven and organized on a spool have limited utility.  This is also true of my goals.  Wanting to improve and a desire to become better is a good thing.  Threads in a loose pile.  Setting specific goals, writing those goals down and creating a plan to achieve them is a good thing too.  Threads on an organized spool.  What is also required is energy, action and effort to transform mere strands of fiber into something tangible.

When threads are woven over and under, twisted together they form a fabric.  Threads are used to connect pieces of fabric.  A garment or other useful item is created through these connections.  The hard part of having goals is making knowing equal doing.  Threads are the “knowing”.  Weaving the threads, connecting the fabric is the “doing”.  The garment you create and wear are your goals manifesting in your life.  I am practicing taking the fiber of my goals and applying energy, action and effort in order to reach them.

Perhaps pieces of fabric may need to be separated and reconnected in a different way.  Yes!  I revisit and evaluate my goals and affirmations on a regular basis.  Modifying or creating goals and affirmations are part of my ongoing process.  I will never be finished.  There is no finish line.  Not a problem!  I am learning to be excited and engaged about the process of obtaining and maintaining.

New Year’s resolution?  No.  It takes daily resolve to do the work and keep myself moving forward.

More to come…..