Homework Spotlight: Dr. Ben Bikman

I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to and reading information from Ben Bikman, PhD, a scientist and professor at Brigham Young University with a primary focus on better understanding chronic modern-day diseases, with special emphasis on the origins and consequences of obesity and diabetes. His research covers a lot of information on brown and white fat, as well as my favorite hormone insulin. 

He has an excellent blog and has given a number of lectures and podcast interviews that deliver technical information in a fashion accessible to every day people.  Dr. Bikman comes across as a down to earth, genuine fellow and is interesting to listen to.  Enjoy!

Dr. Bikman’s Blog – Insulin IQ

Low Carb Down Under Conference – Dr. Benjamin Bikman – ‘Insulin vs. Ketones – The Battle for Brown Fat’ (YouTube)

The Low Carb Leader – Episode 29 – The Metabolic Advantage with Benjamin Bikman, Ph.D. (Note: podcast and full transcript available)

The Athletic Fitness & Nutrition – Episode 98 – Dr Benjamin Bikman – Insulin, Fat Loss & Longevity

KETOGEEK – Episode 15 – Dr. Benjamin Bikman

High Intensity Health – Episode 200 – Ben Bikman, PhD: Brown Fat Tissue Activation, Insulin & the Ketogenic Diet

More to come…..